Welcome to Office Union

Best office spaces around!

How it all works?

We work alongside companies who have a few spare desks, a whole floor or even a whole building spare.

So that independent workers such as: Home workers, start-ups, freelancers, micro business, incubator businesses have a place to work in a safe and clean environment.

Huge benefits of co-working

There are many benefits of co working such as:

  • Expand your personal and business networks with ease
  • Work more productivity as your surrounded by others who are hard at work
  • deduct the feeling of isolation
  • Increased sense of a community and gain trust with others
  • It creates new opportunities to collaborate on projects too large to do on your own

Becoming an informal landlord

If you’re about to be stung by the Unoccupied Properties Bill or you’re struggling  to rent your commercial space then stop panicking as we have the solution!

Becoming an informal landlord is the perfect way to gain some revenue from unoccupied space, but without all the fuss of traditional renting processes.
Also, with a new software package we’re providing called Sharemaker, sharing space for companies couldn’t be any easier!

Benefits of Sharemaker:

  • Quick broadband connection
  • Secure independent networks
  • Bandwidth management
  • Convenience

Finding the perfect working space?

So you’re looking for something specific? No problem at all we’ve got what you need here at Office Union we can offer you a free matchmaking service.
All you need to do is let us know what you need from your perfect workspace, then sit back, relax and let us do that work for you! We will source a selection of workspaces that meet your requirements and present you with the options.
Whether you need a hot desk in another city, a full office for your growing team, an industrial unit to keep your vehicles or even a kitchen to prepare your product we can help!

We are Office union and we are located in Holborn, London and we are here to bring flexible and affordable workspace to the start-up and small business communities.

We work with businesses to rent out their unoccupied office space and encourage collaboration, skills sharing and networking.

Office Union represents much more than a way to rent a desk, we want to grow a community of likeminded people across the UK and support small business success in the UK.

We’re making sure that our website supports this philosophy through social media sharing, an active Facebook community and sharing your co working experiences.

We know that the Office Union community will enable collaborative opportunities, facilitate networking and bring business inspiration to our tenants and host businesses.

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